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Google Adwords


E-commerce has become a very common method used by consumers for shopping. Therefore, companies are increasingly turning to online advertising instead of channels such as television and newspapers in order to increase their brand awareness and gain customers.

There are various ways to advertise online. Google Adwords ads are the most efficient among them, which has become quite common lately.

Google Adwords Consultancy

As Erkam YURT Creative Solutions, the main advertising consultancy service we offer is AdWords consultancy service due to its efficiency and prevalence.

The budget you allocate for advertising is not the only thing that matters in Google Adwords system. What is Google Adwords? We reviewed it in our article and sequels in detail. To put it briefly, the parameters you need to pay attention to in order to get efficiency are as follows:
• Quality score of the ad text (SEO compatibility, customer appeal)
• The hours, days, districts, provinces where the advertisement will be given…

So Why Should You Work With AdWords Consultant?

First of all, advertising in accordance with the parameters mentioned above requires expertise, experience and time. In addition, there are important advantages of getting AdWords consultancy service.


Creating a high-quality ad text is a specialty field in itself. Keyword analysis should be done, the right keywords should be selected, new keywords should be derived, and they should be used in the text in the right extent. And the fact that the ad text attracts the attention of the user is as important as these technical details. AdWords consultancy experts of BLUE TEKNİK, who have given their years to do this job in the most efficient way, are important in terms of finding the real return on your investment.


Deciding when, for how long and where to advertise requires experience and serious analysis. BLUE TEKNİK AdWords consultant experts obtain this data with various tools and methods they use and produce strategies on how to get the most efficiency from advertising.


Getting AdWords consultancy service from BLUE TEKNİK experts will greatly increase the return on AdWords ads. You will get much greater efficiency from the advertisement you will give with the same budget.

Information and Control

BLUE TEKNİK will inform you regularly about the progress of the advertising agreement, so that you can make adjustments such as increasing or decreasing the advertising budget, changing the time and place of the advertisement, depending on the course of the process.

Time Management

Since you will leave the advertising process entirely to the experts, you will be able to direct your energy and time to your main business.