Project Description



We provide special virtual store designs and strategic e-marketing methods to our customers who want to increase their trade volume with e-commerce websites over the internet.

The rapid spread of the Internet has made electronic commerce a new and very effective tool in the conduct of commercial transactions. Electronic commerce has emerged as a product of technological developments that have facilitated information communication in the last ten years, along with the trend of liberalization of trade all over the world.


E - Commerce

With the emergence of the new economy, competition in the world economy has increased visibly. Organizations that additionaly used internet opportunities with their traditional marketing methods can go beyond just selling to a certain audience and get the chance to establish global e-commerce connections that increase productivity and creativity.

In the past, many companies; While trying to reach potential customers by using tools such as television, newspaper and radio. Nowadays online advertising, which is more effective and measurable than these tradional marketing methods. Companies that were able to reach their target audience in limited ways in the past but now they can now reach more customers faster with 50 different e-marketing methods. Moreover, these methods are either completely free or can be met with a little ton o budget. We can consider the tools of electronic commerce as all kinds of technological products (telephone, fax, television, computer, electronic payment and money transfer systems, electronic data interchange systems (Electronic Data Interchange-EDI), internet) that facilitate the commercial transactions of those who trade with each other. It is an important tool of electronic commerce, as a system that enables the exchange of documents and information through computer networks without human factor.

Since the new internet technologies, which are accepted as the most effective tool in terms of electronic commerce, transmit audio, video and written text at the same time, faster and more securely, the cost of these transactions over the internet is considerably lower than other tools.

Among the factors that make e-commerce so popular are; e-commerce provides a direct relationship between the company and its target audience, provides the information they want to marketers, is fast and low-cost, and all these are done in electronic environment. Other positive elements include convenience and cheapness in distribution, more comfortable interaction with the consumer, instant response, attention, meeting the global market, 24-hour service and instant sales.